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Can’t I just hire a financial advisor to manage my money?

Many financial advisors will not work with you unless you have a minimum dollar amount to invest. If you are on the first leg of your investment journey, this might be prohibitive for you.

A Financial planner takes the control of your money out of your own hand.

They charge you an annual fee of -.5% – 2% of your portfolio value, regardless of whether you made a gain or loss during the year. Your money is also invested in funds that charge fees. Combined financial advisor fee plus the fees charged by these funds could conservatively cost you 3.5% of your portfolio value annually.

Many financial advisory plans have a one size fits all model, and do not consider all investment opportunities and tax strategies.

You will never learn how to become empowered in managing your own money.This is not important to them, since they want to continue to retain you as a client.

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