Mission Possible!

Hi, I'm Tanya Taylor, CPA, MBA.

My Mission is to teach professionals how to ditch bad debt and create a six or seven figure retirement income even if they have no plans in place. So that they can build a legacy without feeling stuck.

A Journey – One Million Strong

Tanya Taylor

Humble Beginnings

Left entire family in Jamaica at 16 with $100 to escape poverty and build a better life.

Choosing My Path

Graduated college debt free and began wealth building journey.

20+ Years on Wall Street

Worked for or audit/regulate some of the largest multinational financial institutions worldwide.

Big Portfolio

Grow retirement portfolio to 7 figures by age 48

Children's College exceed $500K goal years ahead of college

Co-founded and ran successful investment club.

Giving Back

Created children financial education club. Volunteered to teach financial literacy with many organizations

Changing Lives

My mission to is to empower ONE MILLION families to grow their wealth.  

Poverty To Promise

Was I Always Successful?

I grew up in the beautiful Island of Jamaica. At age 16, immediately after graduating high school, I left my entire family, arriving in New York City with $100, and big dreams of a better life, and to lift my family out of poverty.

For the first few years, my weekly salary of less than $150 working full time allowed me to pay my bills, help my family back home, and pay my tuition. After graduating junior college, unable to obtain a job, I ended up working on the Upper West side of Manhattan as a live-in babysitter, making $200 per week. This gave me exclusive access to how the wealthy lived. Seeing the disparity between my community and the wealth, I vowed that I would create my own wealth and help anyone else I could.

I saved everything I could, invested in a class that would take me a year  later, out of the world of babysitting and on to the mergers and acquisition floor of Goldman Sachs. There I was exposed to the different career possibilities and a step further to my dreams. While working full time, I returned to school full time to earn my Bachelors degree. Now making almost 4 times as much as I did, I continued to live the same lifestyle, and saved everything else I earned.

Roadblocks Just Like You Have Now

Before graduation, I was the co-owner in a small business, and I had purchased my first home. I decided that entrepreneurship, investing and real estate was my ticket out of poverty, and I was determined to get there at a young age. Within a year in my profession as a CPA, I co-founded an investment club — “Financial Freedom Investment Club” — with a few like-minded colleagues and friends. I also began personally investing in the stock market. I was sure that I would accumulate enough wealth to exit the corporate world by my early forties, and pursue my passion of giving back in a more meaningful way. When I got married, we purchased and furnished our home, and paid for our wedding without incurring debt (except our mortgage). We invested all monetary gifts received from our wedding.

My house was taken over by people who thought their help came with a lifetime of repayment from me, and was being mortgaged to fund their lifestyle. They even managed to get their name added to the title (Yes, I was so naive and totally manipulated!). Their bills were also seriously delinquent…. tens of thousands of dollars delinquent.

Every time I dug them out, we went right back in and soon my stellar credit took a hit and this continued to happen through most of my adult life, despite never paying my bills late. I continued to push towards achieving my dream of real estate ownership, but finally gave up after an incident that could have been tragic.

That small business I was partner in was also sold at a profit, and I never saw a dollar of my investment back.

We had built up a nice portfolio in the investment club, however, when the great recession hit, a majority vote was cast to terminate the investment club partnership. That was a devastating blow. I had only recently bought out the shares of another partner. I loss a significant percentage of my investment, because of what I invested, because of some riskier investment strategies which we had introduced into the portfolio along with the massive losses in the stock market.

A Belief

To Leave A Healthy Financial Legacy for Future Generations

So where do I turn? I now had  growing children and had to start thinking about college. I also knew that I did not want to stay in the workforce until 65.

I kept my personal portfolio and took advantage of the depressed stock market and began a buying frenzy.  I also began to more actively manage my retirement plan.

I also began to look more closely at other investment vehicles to ensure I leave a financial legacy, not just for my children, but for future generations.

Throughout the years after graduating college, observing the lack in my community, I aligned myself with various organizations, teaching all aspects of personal finance. I developed curriculums for college students, small businesses and individuals in underserved communities.

I also began to teach my children about money, which eventually led to me starting a children’s financial education club serving friends and families. They affectionately named it “The Economic Explorers”. This also doubled as education sessions for the parents and any community member.

They were introduced to the world of budgeting, credit, the stock market, real estate and insurance. We created mock stock portfolios, and took annual trips to wall street, to elucidate many of the abstract concepts.

A Rewarding Career

How My Profession Fits In

I have had a wonderful career which has provided me with some great skills that augment my knowledge of investing and wealth building. A few snippets.

I love geeking out and immersing myself in new learnings around anything having to deal with wealth, and have happily shared my knowledge and changed the lives of hundreds of people.

Persistency & Commitment

Where I Am On My Investment Journey

My path to building wealth has been filled with detours, but the journey continues.

I have had many bumps, bruises, tears, fears, pain, and a whole lot of therapy!. The lessons and strategies that I have learned are immeasurable.

You CAN learn these strategies that have worked for me, and avoid the mistakes I made. No matter where you are in your life.

Fun Facts

Federal Reserve Bank Of New York


  • New York Life
  • Moody’s Investor Services
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Deloitte


  • Fox School fo Business, Temple University
  • Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College (honors)
  • Traveling and immersing in different culture – 50+ countries and 30 states 
  • Silent meditation retreats
  • Dancing like nobody’s watching
  • Spa, spa and yes, more spa…I  just can’t get enough 🙂 
  • The alchemist
  • The Four agreements
  • Feel the Fear and do it anyway
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • The Millionaire Next door
  • Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy – Board Co-chair
  • Free Town Church of God of Prophecy Outreach Foundation

There is no straight path to wealth. Everyone's journey is individualized and so is everyone's wealth roadmap!

I will provide you with the tools to create and protect what you have worked for.


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The Wealth Trifecta
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This foundational program provides you with all the basics that you will need to jumpstart your personal financial journey. Here you will learn :

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