The Wealthy Mindset Makeover Project

What if you could overcome your money blocks once and for all?

The Wealthy Mindset Makeover Project is a powerful course with two activity based, action driven modules, designed to take you on a soul searching journey to completely shift your mindset and transform everything that you have ever thought about money.

Here is a synopsis of what you can expect

You will identify what is keeping you from creating the wealth you deserve

Through a series of exercise you will get to the root of why you tell yourself the stories you do

Create inner transformation which will dramatically change your financial outlook

Create your financial mission statement and define your long and short term goals

Create a clear daily, weekly and monthly action steps that will help you to create permanent lifelong habits

Identify and map your path to wealth creation mindset

Map out and track your goals in a structured way to achieve anything that you desire

Recognize why wealth is critical and how you can use your wealth to have major impacts

Make a commitment grounded in achievable action plans, allowing you to to create a better life for yourself and your family



The Wealthy Mindset Journal takes you through multiple exercise and prompts to dig deep and identify your money blocks, and help you set clear measurable goals to move beyond those blocks, to take action and create goals that work


The Paths to Wealth Creation lays out specific steps that you can take to move from no plan, to a safety plan that allows you to set specific goals to secure your retirement, or to an accelerated plan that creates a faster path to financial freedom by exponentially increasing your wealth, so that you can retire worry-free and leave a legacy

Facebook Community

Achieving your goal is our #1 priority, therefore having a 24/7 community with like minded individuals to strategize and support each other will help stay motivated and get to your goals quicker.​

Bi-weekly Live Q&A

Every two weeks, we hold a live Q&A session to answer all your questions. You will always have access to a recording of each session.

Hi, I' m Tanya Taylor

My Mission is to equip women and families in marginalized communities with the tools to manage bad debt, create wealth, enjoy life and leave a legacy for generations.

There is no straight path to wealth. Everyone's journey is individualized and so is everyone's wealth roadmap!

The Wealthy Mindset Makeover Project

USD $97
Actual Price - USD $197
for lifetime access

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The Wealth Trifecta

Pay Fully at Once -$1,997
Regular Price -$2,997
$1,700/ 2 Monthly Installments

This foundational program provides you with all the basics that you will need to jumpstart your personal financial journey. Here you will learn

The Grow Your Wealth Inner Circle

Pay Fully at Once-$3,997
Regular Price -$7,000
$2,250/ 2 Monthly Installments

In this membership, you have mastered the foundations of The Wealth Trifecta, and it is time to being to grow your wealth 10x.

The WealthBuilders Circle Accelerator

By Application

This VIP financial coaching program is by application only. It will accelerate your growth from the start by taking all the guesswork out of your journey to financial freedom. You will learn to invest and protect your wealth.

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