With Tanya Taylor, CPA, MBA


Are you ready to fix your finances but don’t know where to start?

This foundational self-paced program provides you with all the basics that you will need to jumpstart your personal financial journey. You will receive the building blocks to manage and prioritize your finances, create a workable budget, repair your credit and manage your debt.

What you will learn?

The Wealthy Mindset Project


Making financial changes requires a complete shift in your mindset. You will learn how to develop permanent life changing habits that will allow you to manage your finances and grow your wealth.

The Managing My Money Project


Learn the basics of personal finance. Learn how to prioritize your spending, to calculate your net worth. Understand your insurance and estate planning needs and the different types of retirement accounts, and so much more

The Love My Budget Project


Your budget is your way to financial freedom. You will learn to create a practical and workable budget that you will love. You will learn how to identify and eliminate negative spending habits while enjoying

The Roadmap to 850 Project


You will have everything that you need to repair your credit. The step by step process will help you to begin seeing improvements in your credit score in as little as 30 days.

The Demolish My Bad Debt Project


How mastering the art of budgeting and managing our credit can lead to massive debt reduction. You will be able to create a realistic debt reduction schedule to eliminate your bad debt.

How Does it Work?

Take the online courses

You will have access to 5 self-paced courses with everything you need to create the foundations of wealth building.

Attend coaching calls

Participate in bi-weekly coaching calls where you will learn and grow in a community of like-minded individuals.

Join the Facebook community

Extend your learning. Network. Share. Inspire.

Grow your wealth!!

Implement the process. Enjoy the results.

Transform Your Life

Your ultimate goal is to transform your financial life. These foundational courses will leapfrog you towards financial freedom.

The Wealth Trifecta

Who is it for?

When does it start?

Why was this program created?

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